When should I massage my face?

When should I massage my face?


The biggest concern of women when it comes to beauty is that facial massage is very good, but still do not know what time of day to massage. And massage several times a week to achieve the best effect. Let’s find out today!

1. Uses of facial massage

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Beautifying the skin naturally helps the skin stay fresh and healthy, which is the great use of facial massage.

Facial massage helps to increase blood circulation under the skin, and at the same time can remove the damaged layer of cells. Helps you to have smooth, bright skin.

Massage stimulates the movement of facial muscles, also works to strengthen collagen and Elastine bonds to help facial skin become firm and increase elasticity.

2. When to massage your face

The time and whether you regularly massage your face or not greatly affect the usefulness of this method. Therefore, you need to have the right massage mode and number of times.

For a girl with dry skin, she should massage her face with Gac oil or fresh milk, vitamin E for about 15 minutes and should only massage up to 3 times a week.

For oily skin, if not massaged properly, it only increases the amount of oil secreted on the skin, making the skin prone to acne, so it should only be massaged once a week.

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