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When the cold winds start, it means that winter is coming. This time of change of season is very beautiful, but it can also cause some diseases such as colds, flu, allergies … for people with poor immune systems.

Therefore, be careful with the weather when changing seasons to have the best health for you

Physical activity

Autumn weather is very cool, so spend more time outdoors, move and exercise or play sports suitable for health to strengthen the immune system, repel stress, It helps you eat better and sleep better.

For children, this is the start of a new school year, so parents should give their children more physical activity not only to strengthen the immune system to avoid many risks of infection at school, but also to improve the quality of life. reduce the condition of asthma and allergies.


You should give up alcohol, limit daily coffee and other stimulants because these substances can make you less resistant and cause insomnia. Seasonal weather can cause blood vessels to constrict and form blood clots. If people with heart and blood vessel problems should consult a specialist for medication to prevent bad situations that may occur during this time.

Regularly drink a lot of fruit juices containing a lot of vitamin C such as oranges, tangerines …


Onions, garlic are foods that help you strengthen the immune system, help you have a better health to work, avoid stress and stress. In your daily diet you should use a lot of vegetables, grains, fruits and dairy products.

Sauna and massage

This time is the most ideal for sauna & massage. If you do this regularly (no more than 2 times a week) it will strengthen the immune system. When sauna and massage will help the body eliminate many toxins in the body through the excretory system, the pores are enlarged and at the same time dead cells on the skin also quickly disappear. In addition, massage and sauna help you improve your mood, reduce the risk of depression and feel more refreshed and excited at work.

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