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Why Panda Spa Danang is suitable for relaxing Massage

Why Panda Spa Danang is suitable for relaxing Massage


Why is Panda Spa Da Nang suitable for relaxing Massage?
Today, the whole family and I discover why Panda Spa Da Nang is suitable for relaxing massage.

Panda Spa

1. Location advantage

Panda Spa Danang with location at 229 Nguyen Van Thoai  – City. Danang. Only about 200m from My Khe beach, very suitable for tourists to visit My Khe beach and then walk up to massage at Panda Spa.

Located on the main road, but can turn around easily, and the parking place right in front of the Spa is very safe and convenient. Near big hotels like Muong Thanh, My Khe,… And seafood restaurants.

Địa điểm Panda Spa

2. The staff and the price of the relaxing massage


Panda Spa’s staff is thoroughly trained from the beginning, even for students who have worked at other facilities for many years. Because it is a service industry, Panda Spa always has separate training classes for technicians.

Nhân viên phục vụ massage thư giãn tại Panda Spa

About the price: Panda Spa is always committed to having a great price in the area so that when guests come for a relaxing massage, they don’t have to worry and bother much. The price on the Panda Spa Menu is inclusive of tips, so customers do not need to spend any extra fees. Customers only have to pay the price listed on the menu. This is Panda Spa’s commitment.


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