Panda Spa – Good Spa And Best Massage in Da nang, 10 minutes by taxi form the city center. More service masage: hot stone massage ,aroma swedish massage, thailand massage,..  


About 10 minutes by taxi from the city center and 2 minutes –walking from My Khe Beach, Pandan Spa is the relaxed spa for the customers in Da Nang and travelers to Da Nang City.

Masage stimulates the skin and the nervous system, relax and reduce the stress

Massages stimulate the blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the skin and help the skin smooth and firm.

Medical studies show that massage therapy combined with the essential oil can solve many problems such as anxiety, headache, insomnia, arthritis, back pain, constipation, …which have a lot of harmful effects on the health.

With over 10 years experience in the spa bussiness, we trained the therapists carefully before doing the massages for the customers. Beside that, one of the most elements which decide the quality of the massage is the massage oils. At Pandan Spa we undertake to use 100 %  natural essential oils such as rice oil, coconut oil, olive oil…

Aromatic oils, which are steamed and taken naturally  without harmful chemicals for the skin.

Our pleasure is to serve you.

With the nice and  small space, it’s convenient for us to take care you carefully. We promise that you will have the real relaxation at our spa and feel satisfied with our massage services


Pandanspa is an ideal spa for Danang people & the international visitors.


This massage use the natural oils and  anoint it directly on the skin and massage by hand techniques. During  the aromatherapy, nutrients are absorbed through the skin to heal or treat diseases such as controling the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress level or hormone balance. Besides that, customers can easily enjoy the aroma from the essential oils and massage room, which help relax and feel comfortable. Aroma Swedish Massage is a deep relaxation massage, the therapists will use the soft and gentle movement to massage and combine with pressing  the body smoothly.


Hot stone Massage makes the psychological balance, reduce stress. Depending on the state of each body the therapists will adjust the suitable temperature of the stones. Hot stone massage not only makes the spirit more comfortable but also treats some diseases such as spinal depletion, osteoarthritis diseases. Moreover, the hot stone massage dispels fatigue and helps customers have the fresher life.


Pandan Spa Massage is a perfect combination of acupuncture points of the Japanese Shiatsu massage, the gentle massage of the Aroma Swedish massage, the endurance of the movements of Thai massage, the flexibility of the hot stone massage and the creativity of the Pandan’s therapists that will bring you a new experience completely based on the traditional massages from the countries in the world.

It can be said that Pandan Spa Massage is a great “mash-up” that Pandan wants to give to the customers who want to experience a variety of massage when coming to Pandan spa.


Thai massage is a massage technique that includes the movements such as: acupressure, , pat, pinch, stretch the muscles and the body, controlling the impact on many related parts of the body with the fast speed and strong force. This kind of massage helps the body relieve stress, dispel fatigue or cure the osteoarthritis diseases.

Thai Massage is the best choice for the customers who love strong massage.




By using the products from Dermalogica Brand, the high-grade cosmetics in USA, the cream does not contain any irritant or acne ingredients. We are sure that your skin is taken care carefully by experience staffs

Facial care at Pandan Spa include some steps:

Step 1: Makeup removes

Step 2: Wash your face with cleanser to remove all dirt on the skin

Step 3: Sauna, oil extraction and remove the dead cells and deep cleanse the layers of horny on the skin, clear the pores and make the skin even color.

Step 4: Toner helps restore skin, balance the natural pH of the skin

Step 5: Massage the face with the Dermalogica’s specialized essential oils, acupressure to make the blood circulation and relax

Step 6: Apply mask combine to massage shoulders, neck, head to reduce stress and fatigue.

Step 7: Apply moisturizer cream

Step 8: Apply sun cream


The major massage technique which is used in Shiatsu Massage is acupresure,  by using the main force from the thumb, hands, palms and elbows. The theorapists use the movements such as rubbing and kneading the muscles, using the thumb to press, pressure combine with the other fingers and palms  to creat the power  to the body. This kind of massage impacts deeply to the acupuncture points and arouses energy inside the body, helps the blood circulation better or  relieves the muscle aches and  the cramps.

If you love strong massage, Shiatsu is a good option for you.


Pandan Spa provides aesthetic Inkjet tattoo services such as:

Eyebrow Powder Mix with 3D Color


Eyebrow embroidery with Korean-Thailand Style

Spray the upper eyelid

Spray the lower eyelid

Spray the lips by 3D herbal colors

Black lips treatment  and spray the lips by herbal colors package

Remove eyebrows by the laser


After hard working, it’s necessary to massage for the foot, shoulder, neck, head. Massage at those parts will help you relax and feel comfortable  after the stressful working days.

Include the steps:

Step1: Foot shower with the herbal

Step2: Massage head, neck, shoulder

Step3: Foot massage & accupressure

Step 4: Enjoy  herbal tea and cookies


Pandan Spa is one of the most prestigious spa in Da Nang with many kinds of beauty services and massage services.


Pandan Spa ‘s staffs are well trained from the reception, counseling, supporting before, during and after massage. With many years experience, the passion and the responsibility, we believe that all employees in Pandan will serve you with the most professional style.

Service quality

Pandan assures that we serve our clients by our own mind. We recognize that our customers are worth to receive the good services that are right with their time and their expenses. Therefore, all materials, the equipments, the tools are used during  serving  the customers are always strictly controlled to ensure hygiene and safety. Especially, massage oil is one of the decisive factors about  the quality of massage services. We use the massage oil 100% from nature, do not mix any impurities so ensure  to be absolutely safe for your customers.

Reasonable  price

Pandan Spa is one of the most reasonable spa in Da Nang, simply because we are not a luxury spa. “If you are a love and want a real massage, PANDAN SPA is the perfect choice, the space here is not too luxurious but warm enough for you to relax.” -Andy Huynh- (A Customers at Pandan Spa )