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Relaxing massage – Treatment for the soul

Relaxing massage – Treatment for the soul

You are an office worker, a busy person, do you often get “visited” headaches?
Stress and pressure from work make this condition increasingly unrelieved and prolonged, leaving you tired and lacking vitality.
Do you need something to stop this situation?
Try recharging your energy from a relaxing massage!

1. Popular massage methods

  1. Swedish Aroma Massage
    This is a gentle, relaxing massage, combined with essential oils and gentle floral scents. Very suitable for deep relaxation.
    Spa setting with a lit candle fluffy towels and fragrant flowers promotes relaxation
  2. Massage with hot stones
    Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy in which a trained therapist uses hot stones to massage your body, including placing stones on key points of the spine and muscles for effective results. best results. This technique of using hot stones dates back hundreds of years and can be a great way to loosen muscles so that the massage technique can be more penetrating to muscle pain or inflammation.
    Massage Đá Nóng 
  3. Thai massage
    With massage therapy including yoga exercises and acupressure according to traditional medicine, thereby bringing the most optimal results. According to researchers, Thai massage may have been around 2,500 years ago. It was created from the origins of Yoga, Ayurveda (India) and Buddhism. Thai massage has certain characteristics that remain the same even though it has undergone many changes. That’s why it retains the best essence and is loved by many people for its wonderful effects. Unlike regular hand massage movements, Thai massage is a person-to-person movement to help clear blood and relax the mind.
  4. Bamboo massage
    Bamboo massage is a form of using bamboo tubes of different lengths. Has been heated to a certain level of heat, making it easy for massage to penetrate deeply into muscle tissue and joints. Use movements: Rub, roll, tap, squeeze, roll in many directions and other techniques Each other helps improve many health and muscle problems, while also bringing high relaxation.
  5. Shiatsu massage.
    Shiatsu massage method is a therapy developed in Japan, combining techniques such as acupressure, stretching and western massage. The Shiatsu acupressure method uses the thumb, palm and elbow to massage, applying pressure to the skin in a rhythmic sequence along the body to release energy. “Shi” is finger and “atsu” is press or pressure. According to consulting doctors, the purpose of the method is to improve blood circulation, correct dysfunction, create excitement and can cure some specific diseases such as sinusitis and lower back pain. or insomnia… People who perform these massage movements also improve blood circulation, reduce stress and effectively regenerate energy.
    Massage Shiatsu Nhật Bản

2. Which method is right for you?

Spa concept with woman

In fact, any massage method will be suitable if you want to relax. But if you want to be highly therapeutic, choose Thai massage or shiatsu massage.

If you want deep relaxation and lots of energy, choose hot stone massage.

If you want to innovate methods to treat muscle pain, you can choose bamboo or hot stone massage.

If you just want simple, gentle relaxation and pain relief, choose Aroma massage

Above are Panda Spa’s suggestions. Try experimenting to see which type of massage suits you best!

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