The Good Spa & BEST Massage in Da Nang

Panda Spa & Massage in Da Nang


After a stressful and tiring day at work. You have planned a resort tour in Da Nang and your muscles are looking for a rest. It is our pleasure to introduce you to a Spa in Danang city that will soothe and heal all the stress and aches that are weighing you down. At Panda spa you will be relaxed in a relaxing atmosphere created by melodious music and gentle fragrance along with the skilled hands of the Technician to make your muscles relax. Panda spa uses products in the massage process that are all natural without any toxins in the skin, making the skin smooth and healthy. We will give you a great experience. Especially very beneficial for those who are looking to rest and find a safe place to forget the worries in life.

If you are experiencing stress and fatigue because of busy work all day, then immediately choose a reputable and fully equipped spa to relax and take care of your body. Panda Spa is proud to be one of the spa and massage facilities in Da Nang city where you can find comfort and lightness after the daily pressures and worries in life. Let’s discover this truth together!

With space and beauty, it is convenient for us to take good care of you. We are committed that you will have a truly relaxing moment at the spa and feel satisfied with our massage services.


“With the desire for all services to satisfy the highest satisfaction for you, contributing to improving the quality of life, health and beauty for everyone. Panda Spa strives to become a prestigious Spa. reliable, professional, and effective in Vietnam and reaching out to the world.”


Here are some pictures of our spa:

1. Living room at Panda Spa



2. Massage room space


3. Some common spaces of Spa



Panda Spa gives every customer that leaves with a smile on their face with abundant energy!