4 ways to lose belly fat quickly

4 ways to lose belly fat quickly


Belly fat is the obsession of many office ladies, isn’t it? Therefore, today Panda Spa tells you 4 super effective ways to reduce belly fat.

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1. Abdominal massage with salt

Salt is an ingredient that you can find anywhere, right in your family, salt is an ingredient used every day.

Implementation: Roasting salt until the salt is opaque white, slightly hot, cover with a cotton cloth. Next, apply a salt bag to the abdomen and massage in a clockwise direction from the outside to the inside and from the top

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2. Abdominal massage with natural essential oils

Natural essential oils are the most common ingredients used in massage, natural essential oils are of many types such as:

Lemongrass essential oil
Lavender oil
Geranium essential oil
Green tea essential oil
Rose essential oil


Mix essential oils with creams, then apply to the abdomen and use 2 palms to form a circle from left to right repeatedly.

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3. Massage abdomen with bare hands


Rubbing your palms together creates heat to help warm your palms. Use 2 thumbs to press from the navel to the hip in the shape of an arrow. Repeat for 15 minutes.

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4. Drink fresh lemonade every morning

This will complement the above massage exercises, helping to reduce belly fat more effectively. You can use a teaspoon of honey mixed with lemon as usual to drink every morning, you will be surprised with the results.

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