The 4 most popular massage oils

The 4 most popular massage oils


Essential oils are one of the most important parts of a massage. Therefore, today, with Panda Spa, we will learn the 4 most popular types of massage today. Let’s see which category you fit in.

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1. Coconut oil

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About scent: Coconut oil has a sweet, mild scent and has a coconut scent.

Coconut oil can also be combined with many different scents!

Coconut oil also helps create elasticity, firm skin, nourish healthy skin and anti-oxidants

2. Ginger essential oil

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About the scent: Warm, typical of ginger

Can be combined with essential oils of the citrus family, geranium, ylang ylang, frankincense, sandalwood, verbena

Ginger essential oil helps to reduce feelings of fear, balance the mind, increase assertiveness, strength, and relieve muscle pain.

3. Rose essential oil

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About the scent: Rose essential oil has a strong and sweet aroma

Rose massage oil can be combined with other floral essential oils such as neroli, sage, sandalwood, frankincense, clove…

Rose massage oil helps to reduce skin allergies, dark spots, dark spots, whiten skin and tighten pores.

4. Tangerine peel massage essential oil

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About the scent: Tangerine peel essential oil with an initial light sweet scent, warm and slightly floral

Tangerine peel essential oil can be combined with most essential oils of the citrus family, lavender, sandalwood, …

Tangerine essential oil helps reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy, resolve premenstrual conditions and muscle pain, relieve insomnia.


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