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Should you take a sauna in the dry season?

Should you take a sauna in the dry season?


In the current weather of a record hot year of the past decade, many people will think that finishing work is useless and will only make themselves more uncomfortable because of the heat. Many people even assert that the heat of the hot season will create many disadvantages for the body. However, contrary to that thought, steaming in the summer brings unexpected results.

The time only for myself

Because the summer weather in Vietnam is relatively typical with high temperatures, heat and bright sunlight. That environment causes the body to easily get tired, especially the elderly and young children, and at the same time easily causes the body to suffer from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases with dangerous complications such as slowing down the blood circulation process. , hypertension and even cardiovascular diseases. At this time, sauna will be a measure to support health.

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First, sauna promotes better blood circulation, improving blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. During the sauna process, capillaries are dilated, thereby helping to increase blood circulation to all parts, especially the brain.

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Wet sauna is the most effective sauna method to help sauna users improve skin conditions with acne spots, boils, prickly heat… and other skin diseases. Because when steaming, the body’s antibacterial system will be promoted, limiting the penetration of harmful bacteria to the body. Temperature also causes the pores to expand to the maximum, all types of dirt and residue are pushed out, sebum – the cause of acne is also eliminated, making the pores clear. airy. Steaming also provides the skin with moisture to help protect it from damage from the sun. Gives you healthy and bright skin, free from worries about skin diseases. It also helps you have deeper and better sleep. Thanks to that, the body always feels full of energy and works more effectively.

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In addition, you can use the dry sauna method properly to clean toxins inside the user’s body, boost immunity, and support the treatment of joint pain. Sauna is also a way to help reduce the burden on the kidneys and liver.

Therefore, sauna is a measure to protect health even on hot days, and is both safe and hygienic.

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