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The 4 most famous massage styles in the world

The 4 most famous massage styles in the world


1. Swedish massage

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Swedish massage is the most popular and famous type of massage. This type of massage is becoming popular and is available in most spa facilities from large to small. If you need to choose a massage for your first massage at the spa, Swedish massage is the perfect choice for you, because it is quite gentle, completely painless, and brings great benefits. brings a very relaxing and comfortable feeling to your entire body.

2. Thai massage

With massage therapy including yoga exercises and acupressure according to traditional medicine, thereby bringing the most optimal results. According to researchers, Thai massage may have existed more than 2,000 years ago. Thai massage was created from the roots of Yoga, Ayurveda (India) and Buddhism. This method has certain characteristics that remain the same even though it has undergone many changes. That’s why it retains the best essence and is loved by many people for its wonderful effects. Different from regular hand massage movements, Thai massage is a person-to-person movement to help clear the blood and relax the mind extremely well.

Thanks to acupressure movements, Thai massage brings great benefits:

– Helps the body stay healthy: Thai massage is a treatment method based on the effects on 10 energy circuits, also known as lotus veins. All of these circuits run throughout the body, so when impacted, it will bring a feeling of relaxation and health to everyone.

– Reduce stress and relax the body: Traditional body massage mainly affects muscles and joints, while Thai massage relies on direct effects on whole body acupuncture points such as pressing, squeezing, and stretching movements. , fold… Through that, blood circulation will be enhanced, lymph will also circulate effectively.

– Balances the body and effectively prevents diseases: Thai massage with professional effects on acupuncture points can break or prevent blockage of meridians and promote circulation of acupuncture points.

Thai massage is a type of massage that applies techniques by rubbing, pressing acupuncture points, kneading, massaging, tapping, pinching, bending, pulling muscles on the body, controlling the impact on many related body parts such as acupuncture points, muscle mass at a very fast speed with very strong force, helping the body relieve stress, dispel fatigue or cure muscle and joint diseases.

Thai massage will be a reasonable choice for customers who love strong massage.

3. Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a therapy developed in Japan, combining techniques such as acupressure, stretching and western massage. The Shiatsu acupressure method uses the thumb, palm and elbow to massage, applying pressure to the skin in a rhythmic sequence along the body to release energy. “Shi” is finger and “atsu” is press or pressure.

The purpose of the method is to improve blood circulation, correct dysfunction, create excitement and can cure some specific diseases such as sinusitis, lower back pain or insomnia… Those who perform the method This Shiatsu massage movement will help improve blood circulation, reduce stress and regenerate energy in the body.

4. Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy in which a trained therapist uses hot stones to massage your body, including placing stones on key points of the spine and muscles to have the best results. This technique of using hot stones dates back hundreds of years and can be a great way to loosen muscles so that the massage technique can be more penetrating to muscle pain or inflammation.

Massage Đá Nóng 

This hot stone therapy method is believed to have originated in China nearly 2,000 years ago. Since then, the technique of using stones for healing has been used in many different cultures such as the Americas, Africa, India,…
Unlike conventional methods, hot stone massage uses stones originating from volcanic lava, which have the ability to retain heat for a long time. They are polished smooth, sterilized, heated at a certain temperature before being used for massage.

When performing hot stone massage, these stones are placed at corresponding acupuncture points on the body, acting in the form of extremely small waves, based on the temperature difference to increase the body’s energy. .


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