Massage can help heal chronic joint pain?

Massage can help heal chronic joint pain?


As the title states, chronic joint pain is ubiquitous right now. Due to the modern human lifestyle, sedentary, sitting in the corner, using too much electronic equipment. That has a negative effect on the joints, causing degeneration of the vertebrae. Since then, osteoarthritis is getting worse. Even though I have tried hundreds of thousands of ways, I cannot completely heal. So today Panda Spa would like to mention why massage can help heal joint pain.

Something about massage

What is massage?


Massage giúp chữa lành đau khớp tại Panda Spa.

According to Vietnamese language called MAT-XA, this is a massage method with kumquat, or acupressure, using herbal bags, hot stones or aromatherapy to massage. Use flexible movements, between points, joints, and muscle bundles to help relax, as well as therapy. The movements commonly used in massage such as: rubbing, squeezing, kneading, squeezing, punching, vibrating. Both comfortable and highly therapeutic.

Basic uses of massage:
  • Through the action on tendons and muscles to relieve aches of muscles, joints

  • Good effect on immune system helps prevent common fevers
  • Helps stabilize the digestive system
  • Effects on the nervous system to help relax and sleep better.

    Why does massage help heal joint pain?


    Một số loại đau xương khớp điển hình.

  • With the right techniques for massage, it will help to repel osteoarthritis most naturally. Because massage is a combination of many movements that are beneficial for joint cartilage, such as muscle tissue. From there, there are natural but wonderful effects.

Osteoarthritis diseases include osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, spine. With such cases, it is difficult to move around, unable to carry heavy objects. Painful joints, in joint areas like being bitten by thousands of ants. Or in a more severe case, the inability to walk.

For people with osteoarthritis, most will be lazy to walk, so the disease will get worse. Because of that, massage with movements that recreate daily joint activities will be extremely good. Both make blood circulation, while reducing stress. As well as making joints work, regenerating the lubrication of joints, so that no more pain. Therefore, massage to help heal joint pain has been applied by many people and has been successful.

However, miraculously, the patient should also have a reasonable diet, along with good treatment, will quickly improve the disease.

And moreover, when going to massage, choose a spa that has a reputation, as well as many years in the profession. To get the best effect.

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