Is Massage Good For People With Osteoarthritis?

Is Massage Good For People With Osteoarthritis?


What is the right massage?

History of massage:

More than 3000 years ago, massage was considered an effective form of traditional health care. Massage (also known as massage in Vietnam) mainly consists of massaging movements of the hands such as pressing, punching, chopping all over the body, especially in injured and painful areas to help relax the mind. roof, dispel fatigue and regain energy for people.

Later, massage has a higher step and has more effective effects when using pressing and acupressure treatments to eliminate toxins, help blood circulation and restore the functioning of many parts. such as the internal organs, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. This massage method is called therapeutic massage.

What is massage?

Many people think that massage is massage, just use the movements of the hands to massage. However, massage is not simply using hand movements to affect painful areas, but the performer must be knowledgeable about the painful parts, nerves, acupressure points to press, manipulate, and acupressure. to be correct. And massage technicians must be trained, learn through training classes to teach massage properly to be able to perform massage methods suitable for each disease, each customer’s requirements.

Proper massage will help repel bone and joint diseases

Consequences of osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis includes osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, and spine with symptoms such as pain in the muscles, bones, and back, spine, groin, neck, shoulders, or legs. The long-term bone and joint diseases will be difficult to recover, the severe sequelae left by the disease also greatly affect the health and normal activities of the sufferer.

Currently, many people with osteoarthritis look to massage methods as a lifeline to help support the treatment of the disease. And in fact, there are many cases of osteoarthritis that have been treated with good results thanks to therapeutic massage. With degenerative diseases of the spine or cervical vertebrae, massage and neck massage have the effect of improving circulation and blood circulation. At the same time, it reduces body aches and pains, relieves adhesions and pressure on nerve roots. Since then, the patient feels more comfortable and relaxed.

Is massage really good for osteoarthritis:

Using reflexology massage methods combined with bathing with herbs or steaming is an extremely effective way to treat bone and joint diseases. Because acupressure massage is a physical stimulus that acts locally on the skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, it has the effect of pain relief, muscle relaxation and blood circulation. When the patient is properly massaged by experts, daily or weekly, the painful areas of muscles, bones and joints will gradually reduce the pain.

Not only directly affecting the painful areas, physiotherapy massage also helps the air to circulate on the meridians in the body, the pressure on the acupuncture points located along the meridians will clear the congestion of the body. vitality, regulate the body, keep the body healthy and prevent disease.

The effects of massage for people with osteoarthritis are many, so it needs to be done properly, enough according to the process and properly. If the massage is not done properly, it will cause the opposite reaction and make the disease worse or cause damage to other areas of the body.

Massage brings many benefits to human health, but patients need to be patient, not in a hurry, but must perform regular massage regularly to achieve good results.

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