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After spraying tattoo should eat and what should not to eat?

After spraying tattoo should eat and what should not to eat?





After spraying, most people do not know what foods they should eat? So today Panda Spa Danang will share with you how to eat foods that are not only healthy, but also have beautiful colors after implementation.
Remember this article is extremely important, so you must read it carefully to avoid errors, as well as share it with your friends. Here are the foods you should eat:
After spraying, you should actively eat, squeeze pineapple juice (pineapple), orange juice, lemon juice, and fruits containing vitamin C
Foods rich in Vitamins A, C and minerals

Add filtered water, natural juices

These should not be eaten after spraying


Not good to eat

This is a question that almost everyone asks after getting a tattoo. In order to answer questions of many people about what foods to avoid after doing this.
– Alcohol, carbonated drinks
– Beef, eggs, duck, chicken
– Seafood
– Spicy food
– Sticky rice

Today Panda Spa Danang has released the most summary picture, about which foods to avoid after doing tattoo spray. Hope the picture below will answer your questions.

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