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If you have free time – you should massage

If you have free time – you should massage


Massage is a method that many Vietnamese people strongly recommend is something developed countries see as a gift of nature. Indeed, in developed countries, people never think negatively for such an innovative and beneficial approach to both health and spirit. Because they see massage as a form of disease prevention. And this method is also used in traditional medicine to help reduce muscle fatigue, anti-aging and many other uses. Society is developing day by day, so we should not think negatively about this method. Today, open your mind with me, and understand more about this popular method.

The effect of massage on health:

Circulatory system: If you have a numbness in your limbs or limbs like a thousand ant bites, massage can help you to eliminate it. Thanks to the improvement of blood circulation. The improvement of blood circulation is thanks to the movements that exert force on the skin, the joint area. Since then the blood is circulated better, along with improving the heart, with the impact of helping the heart beat more stable, and reducing blood fat helps blood flow from the heart to feed the body better. In addition, improving respiration, breathing rate, also helps the amount of oxygen in the blood to be more abundant.

– Improved sleep: Massage also helps to sleep better, do not wake up suddenly. Help you improve your health

– Support and treatment of arthralgia: With effects on the joint and muscle areas. By pressing acupuncture points, pressing pressure, helping joints increase sebum production. Help to move more easily. Increases blood circulation to joints, also helps joints become more flexible. Since then the prevention and treatment of joint pain.

– Weight loss and beauty: Using the effects of massage movements, combined with hot stones to help dissolve excess fat tissue. Accompanying that is the use of massage oils to help the skin become smooth, firmer, help skin, youthful, healthy

The effect of massage on the mind:

– Help people reduce stress, stress and pressure extremely well.

– Helping the temper become more gentle, in harmony with everyone around.

– Reduce irritability, hot temper

– Make people feel more relaxed, more excited, more excited.

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