Why should it be cold to go for a foot massage?

Why should it be cold to go for a foot massage?


Foot massage in cold winter is considered a most valuable remedy. When winter comes, the part that takes a lot of pressure, and also the first cold part of the body, is the feet!

With cold feet for a long time, the condition of the bones and joints of the feet also becomes worse. Therefore, the massage and sounding of the cold winter’s feet is considered a tonic for the body.

1. Time to massage your feet

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Although every time of the day massage has a great effect, to achieve the best effect, the foot massage should take place in the evening.

When the body has gone through a tiring day and the feet feel aching because of the pressure they have been under. Foot massage plus soaking in hot water will help you a lot to find out.

2. Great benefits of foot massage in cold weather

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With a few acupressure and massage movements, the numbness in the legs will be reduced gradually.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about having trouble sleeping because after the massage, your blood is circulated, making it easier for you to fall asleep, sleep better.

In addition, when properly massaging your feet, it will help you improve migraines, unstable blood pressure, reduce stress, thereby increasing mental excitement and better resistance.


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