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Top 5 vegetables that are good for your skin

Top 5 vegetables that are good for your skin


In addition to protecting your skin from the sun, smoky weather and using cosmetics that are beneficial to your skin. A reasonable diet will always help your skin be healthy from the inside and beautiful from the outside, we all know that vegetables are very beneficial for health and skin. But not everyone knows which vegetables will be best for your skin. So today, let’s find out 5 vegetables that have a positive effect on your skin, and see how they have specific effects?

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1. Carrot

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Needless to say, everyone knows that carrots are extremely healthy vegetables.

Carrots contain a lot of antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for the skin, plus vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber in carrots help protect your skin from the negative effects of the sun, and at the same time They also help eliminate toxins in the body.

You should drink carrot juice or prepare other dishes 2 times a week for the most positive effect.

2. Cucumber

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Cucumber contains a lot of water, vitamins A, C and E, along with amino acids to help prevent sunburn, reduce dark spots, and make skin bright and radiant.

You just need to use cucumber juice or eat it as a favorite salad to take advantage of its greatness.

3. White radish

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This is a vegetable that helps whiten skin, white radish contains a lot of vitamin C, prevents pigmentation from darkening the skin, helps to fade wrinkles on the surface of the skin.

You can grate the juice and apply it to your skin, or use it to stew in soups. However, you should limit your intake of pickled radish.

4. Lettuce is a super vegetable for the skin

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Lettuce is certainly not strange, but there are many people who cannot eat this dish. But it is considered a superfood in the plant kingdom.

Lettuce contains a lot of beneficial micronutrients for health, fighting infections and regulating oil on the skin.

There are many ways to use lettuce, you can make smoothies, juices, eat it raw, cooked or use it as a mask.

5. Tomato

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Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, which helps to improve the black pigmentation on the face, protect the skin surface, and help the skin to be naturally pink and white. Especially it is extremely good for blackheads and oily skin.

You can eat it raw, make smoothies, juices, or make dishes.


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