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Facial Deep Care

Facial Deep Care

By using the products from Dermalogica Brand, the high-grade cosmetics in USA, the cream does not contain any irritant or acne ingredients. We are sure that your skin is taken care carefully by experience staffs

Facial care at Pandan Spa includes some steps:

Step 1: Makeup removes

Step 2: Wash your face with cleanser to remove all dirt on the skin

Step 3: Sauna, oil extraction and remove the dead cells and deep cleanse the layers of horny on the skin, clear the pores and make the skin even color.

Step 4: Toner helps restore skin, balance the natural pH of the skin

Step 5: Massage the face with the Dermalogica’s specialized essential oils, acupressure to make the blood circulation and relax

Step 6: Apply mask combine to massage shoulders, neck, head to reduce stress and fatigue.

Step 7: Apply moisturizer cream

Step 8: Apply sun cream

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