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Which Massage Will You Choose?

Which Massage Will You Choose?


1. Panda-style full body massage

Panda Style Massage is the perfect combination between opening the acupuncture points of Japanese Shiatsu massage, the lightness and flexibility of Aroma Swedish massage, the equally strong toughness of the bending and folding movements in Thai massage. , the flexibility of hot stone massage plus the personal creations of Panda technicians will bring you a completely new experience based on traditional massages from different countries.

2. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a gentle full-body massage, ideal for those who are new to massage, stressed, and sensitive to touch. Swedish massage helps to release muscle tension and is a good choice when you want to completely relax during a massage. For this type of massage, you will either remove all of your clothing or keep your underwear. Then, you lie on the massage table and are covered with a towel. The masseuse will move the towel to massage each area.

The massage therapist will use a combination of movements such as kneading, stretching in the direction of the heart, deep circular movements, vibrations, passive joint movement techniques, etc. Normally, a Swedish massage session will lasts 90-120 minutes.

3. Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a type of Japanese massage, which is a good choice for those who want to relax, relieve stress and pain. This type of massage helps reduce anxiety and depression, can relieve headaches and relieve muscle tension.

Shiatsu massage has a full-body effect, but the therapist can focus on areas of the body that need more attention. You will be fully clothed during this massage. During the massage, the therapist will use the hands, palms and thumbs to massage certain points on the body in rhythm. The time of a Shiatsu massage usually lasts 90 – 120 minutes.

4. Thai Massage

Thai massage is a good choice for those who want a more active form of massage to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, mobility and increase energy in the body.

Thai massage works on the entire body using a sequence of movements similar to yoga stretching. You can wear loose and comfortable clothing during the massage. The massage therapist will use the palms and fingers to apply pressure to your body. Besides, you will also be stretched and twisted into different poses. A Thai massage procedure usually lasts 90 – 120 minutes.

5. Hot stone massage

Answering the question of what types of massage are there, it is necessary to not ignore hot stone massage. This is the best massage method for those who have pain, muscle tension or want to relax the body. This type of therapeutic massage is similar to Swedish massage, except that the massage therapist uses more hot stones.

This massage helps to soothe muscle tension, improve blood flow and relieve pain by using hot stones. At the same time, it also helps promote relaxation and reduce stress for you.

6. Massage with essential oils

Massage with essential oils is a good choice for those who want to improve emotions, elevate mood, reduce stress, anxiety, reduce muscle tension, relieve pain and reduce symptoms of depression.

Essential oil massage combines gentle pressure on the body with the use of essential oils. The massage therapist will decide to use essential oils that suit your preferences. Accordingly, essential oils will be diluted before being applied to the skin.

At Panda Spa, we have very professional technicians, cozy space, ready to serve you the best massage experience.

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