Don’t drink 2 liters of water a day if you don’t know this

Don’t drink 2 liters of water a day if you don’t know this


We all know the importance of water for the human body. Therefore, many newspapers and many people always say that every day must drink  2 liters of water. However, I am sure this is completely unscientific. Let’s find out with Panda Spa today what exactly we need to do!

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1. The “dead” mistake of believing in tabloids

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Some nutrition experts around the world have come to the conclusion: Adults need to add 2 liters of water per day to achieve the best health.

Therefore, the tabloids are constantly pulling “extreme” tips such as: You drink too little water – science has proven, or the headlines you must drink enough 2 liters of water a day if you do not want to be healthy. problem….

And then, they sell water reminder bottles, and some other electrolyte foods to “pickpocket” readers.

2. The truth about adding 2 liters of water a day by experts

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Adding 2 liters of water is right, but not drinking 2 liters of water. Because basically the food we eat every day contains water. And especially for Vietnamese, the meal always includes soup, so it also provides the body with a lot of water.

Accompanied by fruits, milk, juice, soft drinks also help the body have a certain amount of water.

Not to mention that each person has different weight, height, and measurements, so the amount of water added is also different.

On the other hand, there are individuals who move a lot, and the nature of work is different. So the amount of water needed is also different, not to mention the impact of the weather also greatly affects.

Therefore, the figure of 2 liters of water per day is only approximate. With the above scientific arguments, Panda Spa firmly believes that you have understood that drinking 2 liters of water is different from adding 2 liters of water. Since then, Panda Spa Danang advises that only drink water when the body feels thirsty.
Wish you always have a healthy body!


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