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Sauna – Great solution for people with flu

Sauna – Great solution for people with flu


The weather changes, changing seasons is often the time when we are more likely to encounter common colds and flus. Usually just taking medicine can cure the disease. However, long-term use of western medicine will cause many bad effects on the body, some people also experience the phenomenon of “drug bottles”, taking the medicine is no longer effective. Therefore, today Panda Spa would like to introduce a natural, effective method that is also good for health. That is the way to relax steam.

1. What is Sauna?

Sauna is a method of using high heat to help the body excrete sweat and sebum, residues in sweat glands from the body. There are two types of sauna, wet sauna and dry sauna.

Sauna: Sauna uses dry heat generated from a stove or hot stone to push the room up to 80°C with a very low humidity of only about 10%.

Steam sauna: steam sauna operates at temperatures lower than 45-55°C and absolute humidity up to 100%.

2. Why sauna is a great way to relieve cold


Beautiful woman sitting in sauna

Sauna is effective to relieve colds for people with “drug bottles”.

It is a natural remedy with no side effects.

Helps all pores on the body to open and detoxify effectively.

Cheap price only from 50 to 150k for a sauna.

Quick relief.

Sauna also helps you relax after a hard day: According to traditional medicine, sauna is used to create a feeling of relaxation. Your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow to your skin.

Sauna also invigorates and vitalizes the body

Sauna can also help you prevent stroke


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