How did massage help me?

How did massage help me?


Hello friends, my name is Kim, today I would like to share my story about massage!

Life is developing day by day, society is improving day by day. Economy, services, commerce, … all develop, followed by a cycle of working day and night. Until one day my body felt extreme and tired, I found many methods and the thing that surprised me the most was massage. Therefore, today I will share the benefits of massage with myself.

1. Personal biography before going to massage

Myself and my family have almost no joint diseases. Until I was forever immersed in work, most of the day I only slept 4 to 5 hours. Until there were severe low back pain. At first I went to the doctor and my condition improved.

After a period of taking the drug, the pain continued to come and worsen, many friends shared natural methods. Then I learned about the massage method

2. The process of improving health through my massage

Free photo woman relaxing in the spa

At first, I just decided to go to massage it to relieve the pain immediately. But then as a habit, I regularly go for a massage twice a week.

The first is to have another pleasant feeling like scratching the right itch for a long time. Feeling comfortable and relaxed. After a few months, I felt that my lower back was no longer painful. Although the pain is gone now, I still regularly go to massage once a week, because it not only relieves pain, but also creates a feeling of excitement, helping my body to have a better spirit.

3. What has improved massage for me?

Free photo herbal compress and herbal spa treatment equipments put on dark floor

Relieve pain and improve health

Feeling better sleep

Having a cheerful and optimistic spirit that loves life, no longer encounters anything as irritable as before



Above is Kim’s story shared in the health blog. We have received permission from the author to use this post. Thank you for reading this article!

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