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Panda Spa is a super convenient place for Massage In Da Nang

Panda Spa is a super convenient place for Massage In Da Nang


Massage is currently an extremely popular service and is loved by many tourists. Because not only has many good health benefits, but it is also a super relaxing technique especially for trips. As one of the top spas with good service in Da Nang, Panda Spa always has advantages for visitors to easily access and experience the service. So today let’s see what Panda Spa has that makes you if you want to go for a massage in Da Nang, you must definitely go to Panda Spa!

1. Panda Spa has a super convenient location

Only a 2-minute walk from My Khe beach and located on an arterial traffic route, besides Panda Spa is also close to leading large hotels that you can easily walk such as: Muong Thanh Hotel, My Khe, DLG Hotel, … and many other hotels and entertainment venues. In addition, there is a system of famous seafood and coffee restaurants around. Therefore, you can easily go to Panda Spa to experience, then you can go for a walk on the beach or eat some local seafood.

Panda Spa is located at 229 Nguyen Van Thoai – City. Da Nang, on this route you can completely turn around easily without encountering any obstacles!

2. Panda Spa has a team of well-trained technicians

Massage technicians at Panda Spa are always trained from culture to massage techniques in the most thorough way. Trained in massage with instructors with more than 10 years of professional experience, after training the technicians will have to pass a competency test before serving the first customer. Therefore, Panda Spa is always confident that each technician when giving massage to customers is always the best qualified technicians.

3. Affordable price

With prices ranging from 400,000 VND for 60 minutes, many of you will think this is a pretty high price. However, this price at Panda Spa includes TIP for Massage technicians and you will not have to bear any other costs. Not to mention Panda Spa always has attractive deals at many times of the year, so the price of Panda Spa is always in the top of the spa with the best price in Da Nang.


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