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Top 5 prestigious and quality massage locations in Da Nang

Top 5 prestigious and quality massage locations in Da Nang


How can you choose the right place where massage prestige, quality assurance to comfortably enjoy the best service? Here Panda Spa would like to help you synthesize the top 5 prestigious massage places, quality in Da Nang.

Top 5 prestigious and quality massage locations in Da Nang

Top 5 prestigious and quality massage locations in Da Nang

Salem Spa

Salem Spa with experience providing spa and massage services. All of our beauty care equipment is subjected to the most rigorous testing and censorship tests.

Salem employees are also trained to improve skills and also must attend training courses on how to behave and customer care. For that reason, Salem Spa’s services make customers extremely satisfied and love when beauty treatments at Spa.

At Salem Spa, fully equipped with locked private lockers, you will be instructed by the Salem staff to store the property to re-check the property before leaving Salem Spa. You don’t have to worry about your personal property while in Salem Spa.

Panda Spa

Speaking of the leading unit in the field of skincare & relaxation in Da Nang, Panda Spa is the most mentioned name. As one of the prestigious massage places, quality in Da Nang, after 10 years of operation, this brand has gradually grown and developed more in providing rehabilitation and beauty treatments to customers. Equipment, machines, staff, units have been providing the best choice for customers in Da Nang and international visitors.

Prestigious and quality massage place in Da Nang

Prestigious and quality massage place in Da Nang

Panda Spa not only invests in the system scale but also regularly updates the most advanced treatment technologies. Always train highly skilled and dedicated employees with domestic and foreign experts. Employees can also take courses to deal with customers.

Using modern technology equipment to meet the need to shorten time to ensure the quality of service and fast.

Panda Spa is an ideal place to relax, treat and relax, ideal stress relief for not only Da Nang customers but also international visitors.

Places for relaxing Massage - treatment and rest

Places for relaxing Massage – treatment and rest

With over 10 years of experience in spa beauty, we have trained and thoughtful therapists before performing massages for our clients.

One of the decisive factors to quality in massage is massage oil. Panda Spa is committed to using 100% natural essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and olive oil.

Panda Spa’s massage services include hot stone massage, Swedish massage, intensive facials, tattoo spray, lips, eyebrows, eyes, eyelids …

Panda Spa's Swedish massage service

Panda Spa’s Swedish massage service

Branch 1: 229 Nguyen Van Thoai, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.

Branch 2: 225 Nguyen Van Thoai, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.


Telephone: 070 818 5397 – 038 396 7775

Snow White Spa

Snow White Spa is committed to customers 100% using the product with clear origin and appreciation for efficiency, quality and international quality.

Snow White applies Eastern massage and acupuncture points in combination with the skilled hands of the care professionals.

Snow White is a place to honor the beauty of women and will bring satisfaction to yourself.

Coming to Snow White, customers also experience the Himalayan salt rock sauna, bringing health and beauty surprises.

After the beauty at the spa, your skin will become bright, smooth right after the first treatment and lasts up to 3 days later. This is considered one of the most prestigious massage places in Da Nang.

Mental relaxation massage

Mental relaxation massage

Queen Spa

Queen Spa is located in the center of Da Nang city, near My Khe beach. Queen Spa with modern style design along with materials designed to make Queen Spa space more attractive, bringing the most comfort.

In particular, Queen Spa is the first Spa in Da Nang to research unique treatments such as Tre Spa, which can absorb toxins for the skin and can relax, spa treatments are made from Soybeans will have the ability to effectively nourish the skin naturally.

When coming to Queen Spa, you will be taken care of your skin and have a lot of health and spirit to relax when you come to the service at Queen Spa.

Papaya Spa

Papaya Spa is a place that brings a deep impression to the unique nature of the Korean country culture. This is the ideal place for you to enjoy the most relaxing moments.

With years of industry activity always assuring customers that this is Prestige massage locations that you need to care.

Papaya spa has a unique architecture with 3 floors including 8 Spa rooms – Foot massage, Body massage, 2 multifunctional hydrotherapy pools, Korean-style steam rooms, and reception area important.

Coming to Papaya Spa, we will make you immersed in a quiet space with great relaxing moments.

With top 5 reputable and quality massage locations in Da Nang, we hopefully will help you choosing the right address.

Prestige and reliable massage location
Prestige and reliable massage location

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