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What is massage?

Massage is from Arabic “mass~h”, it means to press gently. This is considered one of the oldest and simplest forms of health care, dating back to about 3,000 BC, recorded in an ancient Chinese book. Massage then aims to treat injuries, sores and make the mind feel relaxed and comfortable. Over time, the experience gradually enhanced and people learned from the effective ways of massaging places towards healing.

Then, through cultural contact and exchange, massage techniques were brought back to Japan by the Japanese to develop massage in the direction of diagnosis and treatment called Shiatsu, where Shi means finger and atsu means finger. pressure.

For the West, the Americans initially applied massage methods combined with herbs, the ancient Greeks used massage as healing techniques. Hippocrates (from 460 to 377 BC), the father of medicine, used herbs with oils to conduct massage, acupressure.

Massage is considered a treatment in modern medicine.

There are the following basic types of massage:


10 Effects of massage for Men

– Make the body healthier

This is a holistic way of health care that affects the outside but has many benefits deep inside.

– Relax the body, relieve muscle pain

Many fitness coaches recommend that athletes perform regular massages to reduce muscle soreness after a workout, so they can return to a better workout.

Massage is a way to relax muscles, neutralize poisoned muscles and help blood circulate well, reducing body aches and pains.

– Reduce fatigue

Massage helps blood vessels increase activity, higher elasticity from which blood is circulated – which helps you feel less stressed and tired.

– Reduce stress

The effect of massage is to make the body relax, comfortable and feel happy. When you receive a massage, all your worries will disappear when you have a feeling of relaxation through the hands of the technician.

– Good for the cardiovascular system, stabilizing blood pressure

Medical experts believe that massage is a way to stimulate blood vessels to work better, thereby promoting the operation of the circulatory system. The easy circulation of blood in the veins will contribute to keeping your blood pressure stable.

– Detoxify the body

There are many ways to remove toxins from your body, one of the effective ways to detoxify the body is massage. With the use of hot essential oils combined with the massage of the hands will generate heat that will promote detoxification from the body.

– Good for the respiratory system

Regular body massage will create a response in the nervous system that helps to expand the airways, relieve chest tightness and prolonged shortness of breath leading to chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back.

Therapeutic massage can help restore the balance of these respiratory muscles allowing these muscles to work better and making the lung capacity larger and you get more oxygen for gas exchange.

– Good night’s sleep

The benefits of massage, especially full body massage, also help you to have a deep, dreamless sleep and wake up the next morning awake.

Massage also relieves body aches and pains, so it helps you to easily fall asleep in a peaceful and comfortable way.

– Weight loss

The effects of massage such as massaging, rubbing, kneading will make the subcutaneous fat layer more easily broken down and at the same time the amount of heat produced also helps the body reduce calories so that you have a slim, toned body. more sure.

– Prevent aging, younger

The impact of the hand stimulates blood vessels to work well, blood circulation helps the skin more rosy, removes dirt, dead cells to the outside, making your skin whiter.


Above are the  effects of massage  on health that you need to know. Comprehensive health care, including massage, is something you should do regularly because it brings many health benefits.

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